Our first Meeting

The first meeting of Winchester Cakes and Bakes was held on Tuesday 12th September , with the theme of ‘Your Signature Bake’.  Twelve bakers attended for a relaxed evening of sharing food and chatting.  Our hosts, Toscanaccio, made excellent suggestions for wines which would complement the food, whilst those who were driving enjoyed hot drinks.

Some of our Signature Bakes

For some reason, this month’s theme led all of us to cake so it was a very sweet evening.  We had a great time sampling each other’s bakes – most of us managed to try a little bit of all 12!

That’s what dinner looks like on a Cakes and Bakes night!

There were some good stories as to why this particular bake is a signature bake.  Jayne brought a cake that goes well with her favourite tipple (red wine) and Lynn treated us to her school Carrot Cake recipe which she has been using with reliable results for years.  Vicky made an unusual cake with parsnips because she is always trying to use up vegetables that she has grown, whilst Amanda’s cake is a favourite because it has only four ingredients and can easily be made from the store cupboard so is ideal for last minute visitors.

On the other hand, some of us had difficulty in choosing a Signature Bake as we constantly try out new recipes so rarely bake the same thing twice.

It was all about the cake!

Instead, we chose bakes related to the signature theme in other ways – Cat, our expert in Italian wines and drinks, produced a Campari and Orange Cake, I chose a bake sharing my name and Bailey made a cake from her favourite film, Walter Mitty!



Although this month it was all about the cake, we still managed to produce a good variety of flavours.  The full list was:

Rey – Chocolate and Banana Bread

Deb – Lemon Cheesecake

Lynn – Carrot Cake

Bailey – Clementine Cake

Jan – Dutch Apple Cake

Vicky – Parsnip and Syrup Cake

Cat – Campari and Orange Cake

Louise – White Chocolate, Lemon and Passionfruit Tart

Amanda – Orange and Almond Cake

Jayne – Chocolate and Fresh Ginger Cake

Chelsea – Chelsea Buns

Caroline – Lemon and Blueberry Cake

More cake
Helping ourselves to cake






Next month our theme is ‘A Tribute to the Great British Bake Off’.  With over 400 recipes in the Bake Off archives we are hoping there will be something there to inspire everyone.  Perhaps there will be more of a mix of sweet and savoury but we shall see when we meet again on Tuesday 10th October.  I’m looking forward to it already.


Welcome to Winchester Cakes and Bakes

Welcome to Winchester Cakes and Bakes!  We’re a new club for anyone who enjoys baking.  We meet at 7.00pm on the second Tuesday of each month in Winchester, UK bringing along our bakes to share.  Cakes and bakesEach meeting has a different theme and you bring along something you’ve baked to that theme: whether it’s a big cake, cupcakes, muffins, savouries, bread, pies, tarts or pastries – anything goes as long as you’ve baked it yourself!  All welcome as long as you bring a bake.



Our upcoming themes are:

October – A Tribute to the Great British Bake Off

November – All Saints and All Souls

December – Festive Flavours

Our hosts are Toscanaccio in Parchment Street

For more information see About and our Events pages